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Why Slab Foundation Concrete Sinking?

The soil beneath the concrete is the reason of sinking concrete. Concrete is more prone to sinking and cracking if there isn’t adequate soil support for a hefty slab, or if the soil contains a lot of clay. These are some of the most prevalent causes for concrete slabs in Florida to sink.


As previously said, the majority of the soil in our region is Houston black soil, which has a high clay concentration. When wet, this makes it extremely sticky and moldable. When it rains, the clay absorbs as much water as it can and begins to swell. The soil then begins to shrink as it dries out, and it can no longer hold the weight of the heavy concrete on top of it, causing your slabs to sink unevenly.

slab foundation concrete


Slab Foundation Concrete may have soil washout if your house was built on sandy soil. When precipitation runs beneath the slab, sandy soil is readily disturbed and washed away. This creates cavities beneath the slab, and the heavy concrete will begin to crack as a result of the lack of appropriate support.


This is a problem that occurs before the concrete is poured. If your concrete was not properly compacted before pouring, the earth beneath it will begin to compress unevenly under the weight of the concrete over time. Sinking and, in certain circumstances, cracks in your concrete will result as a result of this. It s the reason for slab foundation concrete crack.

slab foundation concrete
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Why do concrete slab foundations crack?

Because the strength of the concrete in your Slab Foundation concrete might be affected by the weather, take this into mind. When the temperature changes, concrete fractures. When pouring a concrete slab, it is widely believed that the temperature should be above 40-45 degrees and below 90 degrees. Failure to install a foundation under optimal weather conditions is one reason why concrete slab foundations might develop fractures over time. Another explanation for gaps is a slab that is not thick enough. The structural integrity of a foundation can be damaged and splintering can occur if it is not at least 3-1/2″ thick in the middle and roughly 22″-24″ thick around the outside.

A lack of appropriate reinforcing and a low quality concrete mix can also create fractures in concrete Slab Foundation concrete. The type of foundation reinforcement utilized (rebar or post-tension cables), as well as the spacing of the rebar or cables, can impact the foundation’s strength. The concrete mix used to prepare the slab is also a factor to consider. Because they were incorrectly prepared or positioned on poorly compacted soil, foundations frequently collapse and break. This has caused damage to several homes in Florida and Fort Worth.

Other causes of foundation damage caused by concrete slab foundations include:

Fissures can cause damage to a foundation by weakening the concrete it is constructed of. Moisture can enter the slab through cracks in the concrete. Over time, a larger and larger amount of water will be absorbed by the concrete, causing a considerable lot of damage. Large quantities of rainfall in the Florida-Fort Worth region, as well as slab leaks caused by plumbing issues, can cause Slab Foundation concrete to deteriorate. If you suspect that you have damaged pipes or water leaks, call a plumber immediately once.

They can run tests to figure out where the leaks are coming from. Concrete Slab Foundation concrete may be costly to repair when they break. It’s essential to get cracks in your foundation fixed as soon as possible.

Your foundation will no longer be level if it cracks. This can cause cracks in your external brick, walls, and ceilings, among other things. Take action as soon as you see concerns to avoid foundation damage and the various factors that might cause it.

How Foundation Repair Can Aid You:

Fixing your Slab Foundation concrete will prevent cracks from growing larger and will restore the levelness and uprightness of your foundation. It aids in the restoration of your concrete slab’s original location and the removal of any gaps. As a result, your home or commercial property is protected. Contact HD Foundations for a free examination if you suspect you have a foundation problem and want to learn more about how concrete slab foundation repair may help you avoid problems like cracking. The whole Florida-Fort Worth metroplex is covered by us.

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