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Our team is able to handle all sorts of foundation and slab failures, from cracks, to settlement, to shifting or heaving. Let us examine your foundation and provide a free estimate.


When sinkholes open up in your yard or on your property, they can cause hazardous issues such as home collapse, uneven slabs, or water pooling. Contact us to take a look at the sinkhole and provide your free estimate today.


If you have noticed problems with your seawall–cracks, sinking, deterioration– erosion could become an issue, washing away the soil around your seawall and threatening your home. We offer seawall repair to fix these issues.



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Understanding the needs of our clients and a variety or remediation techniques, we can alleviate structural and ground distress resulting from unsuitable subsurface conditions. We understand that every site poses a unique set of challenges that require site-specific solutions. Our personnel is committed to working to meet these challenges and promptly adapt to overcome.



Compromised foundation? Foundation Professionals of Florida can help.


We are licensed, insured, and qualified to handle commercial projects in state of Florida.


We are a full service geotechnical contractor here to assist with even the most complex of projects.


Our Slab Foundation Repair Methods

Foam Jacking

Polyurethane foam jacking

Masonry Patches and Sealants

Ideal if you have cracks in your foundation due to shrinkage

Epoxy Resin

Epoxy sealant is similar to a hydraulic cement sealant, but it goes a few steps further


Drilling holes into slab then fill those holes with a grout-like mixture which then raises the concrete to the desired height.


Steel Piers Helical Piers Spot Piers



We provide foundation repair, sinkhole repair and many other services throughout the states of Florida.

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Sinkhole Remediation & Repair with Deep Injection

UDI is one of the best ways to repair a shallow sinkhole. Because severe structural damage can result from shallow sinkholes, immediate and conclusive sinkhole repair is critical.

UDI is a combination of chemical, compaction, and permeation grouting that will not cause environmental damage, stabilizes the soil at the perimeter of the throat, and can fill and plug the throat. Additionally, UDI can cap soil pipes, filling the voids and micro-fissures within the soil at the injection site.

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Villages Florida

The location and size of a sinkhole determines which repair solution is chosen. The main sinkhole repair method in Florida is pressure grouting with either a cement grout solution or a polyurethane grout solution. However, in some cases, underpinning with foundation piers is used along with grouting to stabilize foundations affected by sinkhole formation.

In most cases, the sinkhole will be filled using some kind of pressure grouting technique. However, whether or not piers are needed to stabilize the foundation depends on where the sinkhole is located and what kind of damage it has caused the foundation. If you have a sinkhole in your yard or driveway, grouting alone may fill in the void and stabilize the surrounding soil. However, if the sinkhole is underneath your foundation, you may need underpinning services as well in order to lift the foundation.

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