Florida Sinkholes | 10 best Part Of Florida That Has The Most Sinkholes

There is a part of Florida known as sinkhole alley. It is one of the worst sinkhole areas in the state. The area is primarily made up of Pasco and Hernando counties – the leading counties in reported sinkholes.

Sinkholes are quite frequent in Florida, making it difficult for people to choose a property that is secure from them.

But Florida sinkholes referring to which part of Florida?

On the Florida sinkholes Department of Environmental Protection’s (FDEP) website, there is a map kept by the Florida Sinkholes Geological Survey that shows where sinkholes have been recorded.

The data, however, only chronicles “subsidence” occurrences that have been recorded by observers, according to the agency.

The Florida Sinkholes Geological Survey maintains a map that indicates where “subsidence” occurrences have been documented in the state.

“Reported occurrences tend to cluster in populous locations where they are easily observed and often impact roads and houses,” according to the FDEP’s website‘s sinkhole FAQ section.

real sinkholes

“While the data may contain some real sinkholes,” the website adds, “the majority have not been confirmed by specialists and are collectively referred to as subsidence occurrences.”

Sinkholes are prevalent when the geology under the land surface contains limestone, carbonate rock, salt beds, or rocks that may be naturally dissolved by groundwater passing through them, according to the USGS.

According to the USGS, sinkholes cause the most damage in Florida, as well as other Southern states such as Texas, Alabama, Missouri, and Kentucky.

Florida Sinkholes

risk of sinkholes

According to the FDEP,  much of Florida Sinkholes is underlain with limestone, no portion of the state is totally free of the risk of sinkholes, however there are some areas that are particularly vulnerable.

Sinkholes are particularly frequent in Pasco, Hernando, and Hillsborough counties in Florida, which are collectively known as “Sinkhole Alley.”

Paul Ivory, a Pasco County resident, told WFLA that he went outdoors to trim the grass in his backyard over the weekend and saw a six- to seven-foot-wide crater. “I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. That’s a sinkhole, I didn’t know what it was. I’m wondering how that happened so quickly “‘I told the station,’ he said.

Officials from the county have yet to label it a sinkhole or establish what caused it.

devastation throughout Florida

In the days since Elsa caused devastation throughout Florida, similar instances have been recorded in other regions of the state.

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sinkhole alley in Florida

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