Brand-new Dollar Tree shut down in Wildwood amid concerns about possible sinkhole

A brand-new Dollar Tree store has been shut down in Wildwood amid concerns about a possible sinkhole.

A Sumter County building official made the decision to shut down the store, located at the corner of County Road 466A and County Road 462.

“We do not have any verification of a sinkhole. The Building Official made a determination that an engineering review of the structure was warranted which would include determination of any subsidence of the foundation,” said Sumter County Administrator Bradley Arnold.

A crew from Universal Engineering Services, a geotechnical engineering firm, appeared to be using ground penetrating radar Monday afternoon inside the store.

Grand penetrating radar is frequently used to determine if a sinkhole has occurred. It works by sending short pulses of electromagnetic radiation into a material and recording the strength and the time required for the return of the reflected signal.

A sign on the store’s door indicated it will be closed until further notice for “safety” reasons.The 10,000-square-foot store received approval in February 2018  for construction.


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